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The Secret River

The Secret River delivered incredible vision to the small screen, featuring vast untouched landscapes and sprawling colonial settlements of early NSW. Chroma worked closely with production designer Herbert Pinter, Michael Rumpf and art department to help create hundreds of shots featuring set extensions, CG structures, location and landscape augmentations, sailing ships and more.


This successful integration of digital and practical departments helped earn the production the 2015 AACTA Award for Best Production Design.


The Secret River is a great example of digital and practical departments working together to allow for larger, but more cost effective partial set builds on a reduced schedule. Complex location augmentation gave the production more flexibility to shoot and create unique historic landscapes, delivering feature scale within broadcast budgets.


AACTA Winner: Best Production Design 2015

MiniSeries, Ruby Entertainment / ABC  2x2hr

Directed by Daina Reid  Produced by Stephen Luby


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