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Chroma Media

Visual Effects & Innovative Production Design Solutions

Chroma Media is a Melbourne-based VFX house that has been servicing the Australian film & television industry for over 16 years.


Specialising in live action augmentation, CG integration and a wide range of unique production design solutions, Chroma's innovative use of digital effects has seen them working on Australia's most acclaimed franchises, delivering thousands of shots across hundreds of hours of high rating, award winning programming.


Chroma pioneered the use of affordable high-end digital augmentation as an indispensable tool for long-form production designers to use alongside traditional tools, continuing to push the industry forward on every project.


It's this unique ability that enables our clients to deliver exceptional storytelling, world-class production value and expansive scope, all while reducing practical cost and putting time back in the schedule.


Chroma brings high-end digital effects within easy reach of long-form producers who aim to create compelling, internationally competitive content.

Location Services

More than just a post house, Chroma functions as an embedded component of your production design environment from pre to post.


With extensive experience in feature, miniseries and television series work, Chroma has developed their tools to directly meet the needs of producers, production designers and practical departments, providing a wide range of time saving solutions to traditional shooting limitations.


Our team specialise in techniques that allow directors and DOPs to shoot naturally and quickly, all with a friendly can-do attitude that keeps crews confident and on track. Chroma provide full location supervision, liaising with various departments to ensure confident, efficient acquisition.


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