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Broadcast Design

Opening titles & motion graphics

Chroma Media has designed and produced opening titles and broadcast packages for a wide variety of genres in both television and feature film.


From 3D and 3D animation, simulation and motion graphics, to live action acquisition and visual effects, Chroma creates uniquely styled content for television drama & feature film titles, interactive products, music videos, TVC and large scale exhibition works. Our visual effect capability allows for high production art styles and techniques that create unique, memorable identifications.


Chroma has created award winning exhibition work for World Expo Japan and Shanghai in addition to numerous exhibition, interactive and projection works for organisations like Think!OTS, Jack Morton Worldwide and the TATE Modern.

Opening Titles for Film & Television

- The Secret River

- Cloudstreet

- Please Like Me

- Worst Year of my life, again

- Storm Warning

- Mad As Hell

- Gods of Wheat Street

- Winter of the Dead
- Underbelly

- Dead Gorgeous
- Wild Life

- Comedy Slapdown
- Dangerous Remedy

- Snake Tales
- Fat Tony & Co

- Paper Giants
- Brothers In Arms

- Reef Doctors

- Newstopia
- Squizzy
- Noise

- Conspiracy365
- Carla Cametti

- Triple Zero Heroes
- One Perfect Day

- Bed of Roses

- Last Man Standing
- Dirt Game
- The King
- Roy Hollsdotter

- The Secret Life of Us

- Let Loose Live

- Fergus McPhail

- Bootleg

- Worst Best Friends

- Shortcuts

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