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With over 60 broadcast productions and features delivered, Chroma is one of the most prolific VFX vendors in the country, continuing to provide the most cost effective, flexible and experienced digital effect solutions in Australia. Our unique approach to production design enhancement and cost efficiency is reflected in hundreds of hours of award winning productions.



Click here to explore all our projects and find out how Chroma can make your next production, your best yet.

Awards & Nominations

2015 AACTA Award for Best Miniseries (Peter Allen)

2015 APDG Nomination for Best Visual Effects (Miss Fisher)

2015 AACTA Award for Best Television Drama (Glitch)

2015 AACTA Award for Best Production Design (The Secret River)

2012 AACTA Nomination for Best Visual Effects (Cloudstreet)

2013 AACTA Award for Best Miniseries (Howzat)

2013 Logie Award for Best Miniseries (Howzat)

2010 AFI Award for Best Television Drama (Rush)

2008 Screamfest Award for Best Special Effects (Storm Warning)

2007 AFI Award for Best Telefeature (The King)

2007 FCCA Award for Best Film (Noise)

Broadcast & Feature Productions

- Secret City

- Glitch
- Gallipoli
- The Secret River
- INXS: Never Tear Us Apart

- Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

- Jack Irish

- Cloudstreet
- Peter Allen

- Offspring
- The Beautiful Lie

- Please Like Me
- Doctor Blake Mysteries

- Mystery of a Hansom Cab

- Storm Warning

- Mad As Hell

- Rake
- Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War

- Ready For This
- Molly

- The Katering Show

- The Ex-PM
- Underbelly
- Dangerous Remedy
- Fat Tony & Co

- Paper Giants

- Party Tricks
- Brothers In Arms

- Rush

- Winners & Losers
- Squizzy
- Noise
- Last Dance

- Tangle
- Conspiracy365
- Better Man
- Carla Cametti
- One Perfect Day
- City Homicide
- The Great Mint Swindle

- The Future is Expensive
- Bed of Roses
- The Librarians

- Vigilante
- Dirt Game
- The Saddle Club

- We Can Be Heroes
- The King
- Roy Hollsdotter

- The Secret Life of Us

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