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TV Miniseries, Endemol / Nine Network 4x2hr

Directed by Glendyn Ivin Produced by Rob Connolly

Gallipoli is a shocking and powerful exploration of the sacrifice and bloodshed endured ANZAC and allied forces during the Gallipoli conflict, presented in a harsh yet intimate style. The team at Chroma created over a thousand challenging shots for the sprawling saga, from production design and stunt sequence enhancement to location extension.  Our unique approach allowed more natural shooting with less limitation and more editorial flexibility when adding digimatte, extras and atmospheric effects. This 8-hour miniseries utilised a huge range of VFX techniques to create the historic battle fields of Turkey, it’s surrounding beaches and various military encampments complete with environmental elements such as rain, snow and insect swarms. Extras duplication enabled wider shots and more layered scenes, while reducing costume and extras requirements.


Extensive weapons fire, bullet hit and incendiary effects helped to reduce complexity and increase safety and shooting time, while creating huge battle scenes with a visceral, practical feel.

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