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TV Miniseries, Mushroom Pictures / Seven Network 2x2hr Directed by Kevin Carlin Produced by John Molloy

The personal journey of Australian music guru Molly Meldrum follows his rise from country boy, to host of ABC's Countdown and beyond. Chroma produced over 600 shots for the show including CG location builds, extras duplication, simulated travel, screen content and a host of production design enhancements both large and small. The production also required a huge amount of digital removals and additions to create the various period locations from the 70’s and 80’s.


Our involvment enabled easier acquisition of scripted locations such as the Great Pyramid, Molly’s destroyed house, retro Qantas airliner and the Countdown studio. There was also many archival requirements including integrating actor Samuel Johnston into original interviews with Madonna, Elton John and Prince Charles.

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