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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

TV Series, Every Cloud Productions / ABC Season 1-4 12x1hr Produced by Fiona Eagger & Deborah Cox

ABC hit, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries captured a unique vision of 1930’s Melbourne with it’s cheeky humour and stylish production design. This hugely popular series utilised every visual effect solution possible to create its diverse and cohesive world. The 1930’s canvas created an opportunity.


The team at Chroma worked in concert with practical departments from preproduction to location which resulted in cost, logistic and creative benefits across the whole series. Every Cloud embraced Chroma’s unique approach to VFX from the start, and it quickly became an indispensable tool for expanding production design beyond the limits of budget and schedule.


The shows extensive use of CG set extension created more viable, unique locations and included weather and atmospheric effects to create even more variety. CG vehicles including trains, trams, boats, ships, cars and aircraft, deliver increased production value and engaging storytelling devices. Our ability to duplicate extras helps reduce the need for extensive period wardrobe.


The traditional limitations of shooting period drama were transformed into exciting opportunities to create a unique storytelling canvas.


APDG Nomination: Best Visual Effects 2015

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