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Telemovie, Showcase 2x2hr

Directed by Matthew Saville Produced by Greg Haddrick & Brenda Pam

This inventive adaption of Tim Winston’s Cloudstreet chronicles two star-crossed families that share a “great continent of a house” in 1950’s Australia.


The highly visual and surreal world of Cloudstreet presented an incredibly challenging project that demanded a huge range of VFX techniques to be employed. The sheer variety of techniques and visual styles required presented a perfect fit for Chroma’s broad range and experience. With hundreds of eclectic shots produced in only 3 months, work included live action integration with CG vehicles such as period aircraft and steam trains, and CG animals including fish, kangaroos and a talking pig. More surreal effects were developed for the breathing house, underwater dreams and a boat being rowed to the stars.


Cloudstreet was nominated for the 2012 AACTA Award for Best Visual Effects.


"There are visuals, concepts and performances that surpass the usual small screen dramas… Cloudstreet is bursting with character, imagination and offers a cornucopia for the eye." David Knox

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