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Storm Warning

Feature, Resolution Independent

Produced by Pete! Ford

A couple become lost on a river boating trip with a storm closing in. Seeking shelter inland, they cross paths with a deranged, redneck family who have no plans on letting them go in one piece. After being tortured and humiliated, and with no choice left but to fight fire with fire, they become the butchers.


Working with production designer Robert Perkins and a skilled team of practical effects wizards, Chroma created over 300 shots for the film including set extension, CG integration, gore enhancement and extensive rain effects. The entire farm set was built on a soundstage at Docklands Studios and enhanced with digital set extensions that added swaying pine trees, additional buildings and brooding thunderclouds.


Many shots involved enhancing practical stunts, with extensive rig removal and digimatte work for scenes such as an elaborate fishing hook trap and the final scene where ’Jimmy’ gets diced in the blades of a hovercraft. All of the rain throughout was added digitally, making for a comfortable set for cast and crew, while delivering a dynamic, practical look.


Winner: Screamfest 2008 Best Special Effects

Watch Storm Warning Teaser

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