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INXS: Never Tear Us Apart

TV Miniseries, Shine Australia / Seven Network 2x2hr

Directed by Daina Reid Produced by Kerry Mainwarring & Andrew Prowse

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart drew an impressive audience with its bitter sweet and faithful retelling of the fame and tragedy surrounding the band. Produced by Shine and Directed by Daina Reid, INXS heavily utilised visual effects to create the many period set pieces that no longer exist and international locations such as Hong Kong and Rome.  We produced over 200 shots for the two-part telemovie, including integration of multiple CG vehicles and aircraft, extras duplication, TV burn-ins, set extensions, archival footage restoration, music video remakes and VFX supervision throughout.


With our team on location throughout production, multiple departments were able to optimise their time and resources, resulting in quick solutions to traditional limitations when shooting in public locations or needing to deliver large scale events on demanding schedules. Our extras duplication techniques enabled large live music venues to be shot naturally, without the need for green screen. Chroma’s unique approach created an working environment where smaller scenes did not have to compromise on scale.

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